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Building Capacity


  • Adaptive Schools Training

  • Active Learning Classroom (in development)

  • Board Improvement Plan Committee

  • Cognitive Coaching

  • Covey Training (7 Habits) Instructor

  • eLearning: Desire2Learn, Edmodo

  • GAFE: Docs, Slides, Sheets, various apps

  • McGivney Magic App (in development)

  • Library re-imagined/re-imaged

  • Wordpress: Principal’s Blog

  • WIFI Upgrade

  • Threat Assessment Training (Level 1, Level 2)

  • Threat Assessment Train the Trainer (Level 1

  • Threat Assessment Trainer (Level 1)

Portfolio Responsibilities

  • Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training

  • Catholic School Council

  • Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training

  • Mark Reporting

  • Master Calendar

  • Plant/Custodians

  • Restorative Justice Practices

  • Safe Schools Certification - Part 1

  • Safe Schools Committee

  • SmartBoard Initiatives

  • Staff Trainer: Period by Period Attendance

  • Staff Training: Mark Recorder

  • Staff Trainer: Websites

  • Textbooks

  • Transportation

  • Use of Schools/Permit Parking


Students in a Catholic learning community deserve a leader who is continuously working on developing the Five Core Leadership Capacities (plus 1) - in order to strengthen leadership practice and to keep the school moving on the path to greater student achievement and excellence:

  • Setting Goals - As a servant leader, it is important for the principal to work collaboratively with all stake holders to create goals (SMART goals) for the community that will lead to improved teaching . 

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