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Structured Entry Plan:

Listen, Learn, Understand

Setting Directions

  • I will work to translate the school and board vision into agreed objectives and plans to promote and sustain school improvement

  • I will motivate and work to help create a shared culture and positive climate

  • I will promote creativity, innovation and the use of appropriate technologies to achieve excellence

  • I will ensure that strategic planning takes account of the diversity, values, and experience of the board and school communities

  • I will provide ongoing and effective communication with schools and communities 

Building Relationships and Developing People

  • I will treat people fairly, equitably, with dignity and respect to create and maintain a positive board culture

  • I will engage principals and teachers in professional learning

  • I will develop and implement effective strategies for leadership development

  • I will demonstrate transparent decision-making and consistency between words and deed and lead by example, modelling core values

  •  I will maintain high visibility in the board and in schools and will create opportunities for quality interactions with staff and students

Developing the Organization

  • I will build a collaborative learning culture within the board and foster the same in schools

  • I will foster engagement across schools to build effective learning communities

  • I will supervise staff effectively

  • I will challenge thinking and learning of staff to further develop professional practice

  • I will develop a board culture which promotes shared knowledge and shared responsibility for outcomes

Leading the Instructional Program

  • I will ensure a consistent and continuous board-wide focus on student achievement, using system and school data to monitor progress, and supports and encourage the same for schools

  • I will ensure that learning is at the centre of planning and resource management

  • I will recruit, hire and retain staff with the interest and capacity to further the board's goals

  • I will buffer staff from distractions that detract from student achievement

  • I will foster a commitment to equity of outcome and to closing the achievement gap

Securing Accountability

  • I will work with principals to align school targets with board and provincial targets

  • I will support principals' work with school councils so councils can participate actively and authentically in their advisory role

  • I will develop and present a coherent, understandable, accurate and transparent account of board and school performance to a range of audiences; e.g., ministry, board, parents, community

  • I will help to create an organizational structure which reflects the board's values and enables the managements systems, structures and processes to work within legal requirements

"For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”                            - Mark 10:45

While I have set various goals taken directly from the Ontario Leadership Framework For Supervisory Officers, Practices and Competencies, always at the forefront is my role as a servant leader in a Catholic Faith Community.

Putting Ontario's Leadership Framework Into Action

Setting Directions

The supervisory officer builds a shared vision, fosters the acceptance of group goals and sets and communicates high performance expectations.

Building Relationships and Developing People

The supervisory officer strives to foster genuine trusting relationships with and among students, staff, families and communities guided by a sense of mutual respect.  The supervisory officer affirms and empowers others to work in the best interests of all students. 

Developing the Organization

The supervisory officer builds collaborative cultures, structures the organization for success, and connects the board and schools to their wider environments.

Leading the Instructional Program

The supervisory officer sets high expectations for learning outcomes and monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of instructional leadership.  The supervisory officer manages the system effectively so that everyone can focus on teaching and learning.

Securing Accountability

The supervisory officer is responsible for creating conditions for student success and is accountable to students, parents, the community, supervisors and to the board for ensuring that students benefit from a high quality education.

From: A Guide for School and System Leaders, Ontario Institute for Education Leadership

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