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Who Am I?

What are my God-given gifts and talents?  What are my interests?  What is my preferred learning style?  Who helps me develop my skills?  How can my skills and strength help me in school?  in my commuity? 

Let me introduce myself....

As an educator of 26 years, who has always dedicated himself to continuous learning, improvement and academic excellence both for myself and for the students and community that I serve.  It has always been my goal to ensure that I am able to provide students and staff with a high calibre learning experience that will inspire them to be critical thinkers capable of successfully achieving whatever career and life goals they would like to achieve.

Personal Mission and Vision

I am a very dedicated and hard- working educator. I am very clear on how to shift school culture to support excellence in education and I am very focused on ensuring that as a school and as a board we provide students with the tools they need, the voice to be able to help us as educators build a better system, and the confidence to follow whatever path way they feel will help them achieve success in the future. 

My most satisfying role...

I can say that with complete certainty that being a parent is not only a difficult but satisfying job, but it has definitely made me a much better educator.  In fact, I would say, that the reason I work as hard as I do, is to help build a better system of education for them and for all students.  Often I find myself saying, "What would I want for my children?" when I am working on a project or working through an issue.

Commitment to Personal Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle

At the ripe age of 41, mostly inspired by my own son, I returned to karate as an adult and 10 years later, as a third degree blackbelt, I am still training and still learning.  Not only do I enjoy the obvious fitness benefits of Karate, but I find that being a student again helps me to understand students better.  It has taught me about my learning style and about the challenges students face in the classroom, but it helps make me more sensitive to the needs of those I serve every day.

Commitment to giving back...

Every year, Northern Karate Richmond Hill runs a kids friendship tournament in honour of Brooke, an NKS black belt, who passed away in 2006 of leukemia.  For the last 6 years, I have not only helped to organize this annual event which involves more than 300 children and adults, but I have helped to move registration to an online platform, have created a corporate donation plan and have actively promoted this event. All funds raised are donated to the  Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada. Last year, through the tournament, we were able to donate in excess of $20,000 and this year.

And maybe a few more things I do to burn off energy...

In addition to karate, I also spend a significant amount of time riding my bicycle when weather permits (more on this later), I workout at the gym and I am really getting into swimming.  I find that unless I make a conscious effort to move and be active, it is tough to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which in this culture of "sit" it is easier to do nothing.  I find being active helps me to clear my mind and actually helps me be more focused when I am working. Nothing like naturally occurring endorphin to keep you fresh, happy and motivated.

And one more thing...did I mention that I like my dog a lot?
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