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Supporting Excellence 


  • 21st Century Learning Team Chair

  • Advanced Placement Admin. Training

  • Advanced Placement Program @ Brebeuf

  • Board Improvement Plan Committee

  • CPCO Webinar Presenter

  • EQAO Symposium, 2010

  • IBEN Workshop Leader/Site Visitor

  • PA Day Planning Committee Chair

  • Regional Arts Program (RAP)

  • Specialist High Skills Major:

  1. Arts and Culture

  2. Health and Wellness

  3. Non-Profit

  • Summer School Principal

  • St. Elizabeth CHS, St. Theresa of Lisieux,

  • Father Michael McGivney)

  • Supervising Principal, Summer School

  • TELL Mentor / Presenter, PQP

Portfolio Responsibilities

  • Academic Council Chair

  • Exam Scheduling

  • Exam Supervision

  • Graduation

  • IB Training -  Administrator Pt. 1

  • IB Training -  Co-ordinator Pt. 2

  • IB Training - Developing & Sustain IB-DP

  • IBEN Workshop Leader/Site Visitor

  • Legal Issues (CPCO)

  • Literacy Committee Chair

  • Mark Reporting

  • Master Calendar

  • Numeracy

  • Parent/Teacher Interviews

  • School Improvement Plan (since 2009)

  • Scheduling

  • Teacher Mentorship

  • Textbooks

  • Vice Principal


I have been involved with a variety of different program pathways for students, including: IB, AP, SHSM, and SWAC.  


As Vice Principal responsible for the Regional Arts Program at St. Elizabeth, I was afforded the unique opportunity to grow a program and create a 5 year plan for the program moving forward.


As a supervising principal, I have had the opportunity to act in a role that allowed me to mentor summer school prinicpals and provide them with the support they need to support student success and keeping pathways open. 

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