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All Christians, not just leaders, are called to be servants, serving each other, following Jesus' example in washing his disciples' feet, and loving our neighbours as ourselves.

Servant Leadership

Being a Discerning Believer
My faith has always been a very important part of who I am as a person.  My faith guides what I do, why I do and provides me with the moral compass necessary to serve those around me.
As and Effective Communicator
I have always worked hard to ensure that I communicate the gospel values and the works of Christ not only through my words but through what I do and how I am as a person.
Reflective, Creative and Holistic
In the quietest moments, through prayer and reflection, I have searched my heart and pondered the wisdom of the bible to make decisions that are in the best interests of all.
Self-Directed Life Long Learning
Whether it be through reading or doing or teaching myself or pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, I have always striven to learn more in order to serve wisely.
A Collaborative Contributor
I make it a point to consult with, review past practice and work collaboratively with teams, setting aside my preconceptions in order to achieve a more creative and effective outcome.
A Caring Family Member
I am blessed with a family that has always been supportive, which has always allowed me to balance the demands of my vocation with my sacred duty as father, son and member of my family.
Living the life of a Responsible Citizen
I have always felt that those to whom much is given, must is expected in return.  So be it through work, or what I do for family and friends or for charity, I do it because it is the right thing and because I have been so very blessed personally.
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