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Catholic Communities of Faith

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
~ John Quincy Adams


We are called to affirm our Catholic Faith, in word and action and in all that we do

  • Students must be provided with opportunities, in school, through public service projects, the sacraments, daily prayer, and liturgies, to demonstrate their faith. 

Catholic Learning Environment

We foster the continuous development of all through a caring, safe, and inclusive environment

  • A student must know that they are a valued member of a Catholic community of faith.   They must feel  that they are in a place where diversity is not only the norm but is respected and celebrated. 

Catholic Community Engagement

We value the involvement of community through partnerships and collaboration

  • It must be understood by everyone in the community that, the day-to-day interactions, the relationship between teacher and students in the classroom provide the bedrock for quality learning and this relationship is enhanced by community partnerships that provide students with experiential learning opportunities.

Parish-Home-School Relationships

We believe that strong partnerships and collaboration among Parish, Home and School Are based on mutual respect rooted in our lived Catholic Faith

  • A student must know that they are attending a school where their parents are active partners with the school, the board and the community, in helping to discover innovative ways to contribute to the education of students. 

Stewardship of our Physical Environment

We are committed to healthy and safe learning and working environments that enhance well-being, engagement and achievement

  • It must be clear to students, staff and parents that  leadership is shared and that collaboration and building leadership capacity is critical in the development and implementation of ideas to achieve positive change. 


We are committed to a responsible approach in addressing the technology needs of our learners in a global context

  • Technology enabled learning should not only support and enhance the learning experience, but we should be working with out students to help them to become responsible Digital Disciples.

Sacredness of our Environment

We encourage the respectful and sustainable environmental practices of reducing, reusing and recycling in our facilities

  • We should model environmental stewardship for our students, so they understand the importance of taking care of the gifts that God gave us through His creation.

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